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Sunday, March 13, 2022

5K Road Race

5K Road Race Course Map

Explore the route of the 5K Road Race

The detailed map will help you easily locate the key items of the 5K Road Race route, along with hydration points and first aids. Click on the map to view it in a larger size.

The route is asphalt road, closed to traffic, almost flat throughout its length. At the reversal point (2.5) there is a hydration point with water bottles and isotonics.

The route follows the roads: Stephen Sarafi, Epirus Lakmonos, Kalambaka (reversing the 2.5), Kalambaka, Epirus, Stefanos Sarafis.

5K Road Race Information

Useful information on the participation, health coverage, support stations, timeouts, as well as, the timing and outcome of the race.

Participation Right
In 5K Road Race are eligible everyone who has completed the 12th year of age.

Health Coverage
In any event all competitors participate entirely at their own responsibility and for this reason the organizers will not ask any sportsman or sportswoman medical vemaioseis. Minors involved with their guardians responsibility.

The organizers have no responsibility for what happened on Health issues and due to lack of preventive medical check. It is recommended that participants have recently undergone medical examinations.

Support Stations
Along the 5K route, there will be support stations for the runners, as described in the corresponding map of the race route. There are available water bottles for all participants at the finish and the runners support stations on the route. Medical support is at the start and finish, and all the way stations.
Event Complation Time Limit
The time limit of finish for the 5K Road Race is sixty minutes (60').

Electronic Timing & Results
Electronic timekeeping of the Half Marathon and the 5K Road Race, as well as, the publishing of results takes official timing company. For this reason all participants runners should wear their bib number with integrated timing chip, that they take with their race participation material.

Prizes for the 5K Road Race awarded to the first three males, first three females, as well as the team with the highest score.

Participation Material
All participants in the 5K Road Race, can collect their competition numbers with integrated timing chip and the rest material participation by the secretariat in Central Square on Saturday, the eve of the race.

Participant Benefits

In each participating male or female athlete of the 5K Road Race provided upon registration as follows:

  • Bib number
  • Electronic timing using chip
  • Engraved commemorative medal specially designed for the race
  • Commemorative technical shirt
  • Water bottles, energy gels, isotonic drinks during and after the race finishing
  • Placing recovery meal (sandwiches, fruits, juices, etc.), at the finish
  • Free commemorative high-resolution photos for everyone
Παροχές Αγώνα Δρόμου 5000μ

Other Information


Central Square of Trikala. All races are served from 10:00 to 18:00

Central Square of Trikala from 8:00 to 9:30

Race start time: 10:00

Those runners who wish may put their belongings in their individual bag and the hand it to the volunteers specifically for this purpose at the start, after having put the sticker number that will have received along with their bib number and timing chip from the race.

Giving away their personal belongings shouldn’t be later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the race. They will be given back to them personally  immediately after the finish  and from a specific point in the central square of Trikala, with a demonstration of the bib number.

Place the sticker participation number  in a visible place and make sure your bag is well sealed.

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The International Half Marathon Kalampaka–Trikala is organized every year by the Trikala Runners Club.

Trikala Runners Club
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