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1K Kids Run

1K Kids Run Cource Map

Route details of the 1K Kids Run

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Both start and finsh of the 1K Kids Run are located at the central square of Trikala. The childrens start from the main square towards the Maternity Trikala and following the General Sarafis until the rotunda at the intersection of roads and Koutsomilion continent, returning to the main square where they terminate.

1K Kids Run Information

Useful information about the organization of the 1K Kids Run. Participation, age categories, results and race awards.

As part of the awareness of children and their contact with exercise and sports, organized by the 2012 1K Kids Run exclusively for children. The aim of the organizers is to acquire sports consciousness of tomorrow's citizens. Since 2016 the 1K Kids Run is co-organized with the help of TEFAA of Thessaly.

Participation Right

In the 1K Kids Run has participation right all children aged from 9 to 14 year old.

Health Coverage
In any event, all participating children struggling with their guardians responsibility and therefore the organizers will not ask any male or female athlete medical certification.

The organizers have no responsibility for what happened on Health issues and due to lack of preventive medical check. It is recommended that participants have recently undergone medical examinations.
Age Groups
The 1K Kids Run includes the following age categories:
  • Category A': 9 - 10 - 11 years old
  • Category B': 12 - 13 - 14 years old
The entry in the 1K Kids Run is free and made on Saturday the day before the Half Marathon Kalambaka - Trikala at the central square of Trikala, from 10:00 to 18:00.

After the termination of the 1K Kids Run, all children are given medals, as well as, commemorative diplomas, and the classification is based on the above age categories.

Participants Limit
The maximum number of participants in the 1K Kids Run, is limited to 500 participants.

The 1K Kids Run Program

The program of the 1K Kids Run is as follows:

Registrations - Entry Forms
The entries in the 1K Kids Run take place on Saturday the day before the race at the central square of Trikala from 10:00 till 18:00.

Start of 1K Kids Run
The start of the 1K Kids Race is on Sunday, the day of the Half Marathon Kalambaka Trikala, at the central square of Trikala at 9:30.

Παροχές Αγώνα Δρόμου 5000μ


The International Half Marathon Kalampaka–Trikala is organized every year by the Trikala Runners Club.

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