The event has been completed!
Sunday, March 13, 2022


The International Half Marathon Kalampaka–Trikala, Thanassis Stamopoulos

The International Half Marathon Road Kalampaka–Trikala, is held every year in the memory of the runner Thanasis Stamopoulos and is now one of the largest Half Marathons, gathering thousands of runners from all over Greece and around the world , including a lot of champions. It provides high quality services to both participants and the advertising companies and businesses that grant the organization.

On the day of the race, thousands of runners gather in the center of the city of Kalampaka under the breathtaking Meteora Rocks. Metéora is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The finish line is in the center of the city of Trikala after 21,097m (our race is in the AIMS calendar).

There is also a 5Κ Road Race,that takes place in Trikala, and gives the opportunity to young or less trained runners to take part in. Moreover, in the city centre there is also the 1Κ Children's Race, for children aged 9-14 years, offering the opportunity to younger ages to get in contact with exercise and the joy of participation.

Event Schedule

Presentation of the event racing program

Half Marathon 21K

Starts at 10:00 a.m. from the central square of Kalampaka.

The total distance of the route is 21.097 meters (official measurement by AIMS), starting from Kalampaka and  ending in Trikala on an asphalt road and slightly tilted downwards.

5K Road Race

Starts at 10:00 a.m. from the central square of Trikala.

Runners start at the central square of Trikala and after heading to Kalampaka, they make a reverse and terminate at the same point  where they started.

1K Kids Run

Starts at 9:45 a.m. from the central square of Trikala.

Children aged 9 to 14 years start from the central square of Trikala and after a 1000m distance they terminate at the point where they started.


10:45 to 10:50
Award of the winners of the 5K Road Race.

12:00 to 12:30
Award of the winners of the Half Marathon 21K and all of the rest categories.

Race Expo

10:00 to 19:00
The expo of the event takes place on Saturday, the day before the race, in the central square of Trikala, while in the same place there is they give away the numbers and the necessary material and souvenirs of the race (Bibs, T-shirts, etc.).

Athletes Categories

Male Runner Categories
  • Up to 18
  • 19-29
  • 30-34
  • 35-39
  • 40-44
  • 45-49
  • 50-54
  • 55-59
  • 60-64
  • 65-69
  • 70-74
  • 75 and above


Overall provisions for the runners after completing the registration are the following:

  • 1. Bib Number
  • 2. Electronic timing chip
  • 3. Engraved commemorative medal
  • 4. Commemorative T-Shirt
  • 5. Water bottles, isotonic drinks, medical services during and after the race
  • 6. Transfer of the Half Marathon runner to the race’s starting point and return immediately after the race

Other Information

For the runners’ convenience on the day of the race, there are buses for both transportations of runners from the central square of Trikala to Kalambaka for the beginning of the race and after the race for the return of the runners from Trikala to Kalampaka, if they have chosen Kalampaka for their stay.

Buses depart on Sunday morning from the central square of Trikala to Kalambaka from 7:30 to 8:30 striclty.
After the completion of the race and the awarding, the buses return runners to Kalampaka from 13:30 to 14:00.

Those runners who wish may put their belongings in their individual bag and the hand it to the bus, which is specifically for this purpose at the start, after having put the sticker number that will have received along with their bib number and timing chip from the race.

Giving away their personal belongings shouldn’t be later than 30 minutes before the beginning of the race. They will be given back to them personally  immediately after the finish  and from a specific point in the central square of Trikala, with a demonstration of the bib number.

Place the sticker participation number  in a visible place and make sure your bag is well sealed.


The International Half Marathon Kalampaka–Trikala is organized every year by the Trikala Runners Club.

Trikala Runners Club
P.O. Box 20
Trikala, 42100