EthicSport analyzed the route and profile of the Half Marathon Kalambaka-Trikala and suggests runners appropriate supplements per station. Watch the impressive graph of the EthicSport.

Runners will have the following options:

  • 10km Carbohydrate Gel (with caffeine) Energia Rapida Professional in two flavors: lime & citron

Electrolyte (hypotonic solution) Performance Sete in two flavors: orange, lemon

  • 10km Electrolyte (hypotonic solution) Performance Sete in two flavors: orange, lemon
  • 15km Electrolyte (hypotonic solution) Performance Sete in two flavors: orange, lemon
  • 19km Electrolyte (hypotonic solution) Performance Sete in two flavors: orange, lemon

We wish you good luck !!!

On Friday 17.2.2017 was the official re-measurement of the route of Half Marathon road 'Thanasis Stamopoulos "Kalambaka-Trikala. The race is organized every year by the Association of Runners Trikala and has its start and finish at the city of Trikala.The measurement of  the route was done by Mr. Doussis George, who is a Second Level certified inspector of the AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance Races ),with the help and cooperation of the Secretary of the Trikala Running Club Giontzis Byron, member of the Board Divanis Vangelis and member of our Association Lakis Bartziokas.

The measurement was based on very strict international official road measurement standards, similar to those used in Olympic Games and World Championships. The methodology followed  provided control of the bike and adaptation of the Jones counter on the bike. Then,there was calibration on cycling on a particular route and thus  the re-measurement of the route. The results were impressive as the route that was measured to the nearest one hundredth of the distance Half Marathon, namely 21,097.5 meters and confirmed the distance which was measured  5 years ago. Thus, the route after the official measurement will start as every year from Riga Feraiou square of Kalambaka,  while the finish line will be in the central square of Trikala in front of the statue of Kanaris. This distance is of course 21,097 meters and there were placed special metal studs (marks) at the start, termination and at every kilometre.

The full report of the measured path will be conducted by the Mr Doussis and the data will be sent to the AIMS (Association of International Marathon and Distance Races) from which we will expect in a few days the certification of the new route for the next five years and the membership of the Half Marathon 'Thanasis Stamopoulos in the international calendar. The duration of the previous certification had expired last April and the Organising Committee considered it necessary to renew it for both the validity of the race, and for the reliability that ranks it amongst  the largest races in our country. So beyond that now the race will belong to a worldwide federation of racing, such as the New York Marathon, Berlin, London, and the Athens Classic Marathon and the International Marathon Alexander the Great. The most important is that the race will be in the global calendar of AIMS races, and million of runners from around the world will be able to come and participate, combining the race with a visit to the other wonderful attractions of the area.

On Sunday, March 12 2017, therefore, the interest of all runners across the country,  will be on Meteora, beneath the imposing rocks were the starting point of the race will be and they can make an official Half Marathon road performance with the  certification of the World measuring Federation marathons and road Racing (AIMS). The timekeeping will be done by the electronic timing system of ChampionChip company.

Appointment then on March 12th, to run the fastest half-marathon in the most precise and formal way!


The International Half Marathon Kalampaka–Trikala is organized every year by the Trikala Runners Club.

Trikala Runners Club
P.O. Box 20
Trikala, 42100